Feel free to contact me at  portermarlowe@gmail.com

Feel free to contact me at portermarlowe@gmail.com

Toronto born, Marlowe has had an affection for photography since teenage-hood. Provoked by the desire to create meaningful images and artworks that make an impact, she shares with you what she finds interesting in this world and hopes that these images can bring something new to the viewer.

Finding inspiration in urban spaces and peoples faces, she is strongly influenced by growing up in a multicultural city and being exposed to a myriad of personalities and places. As a contemporary dance artist and choreographer, much of her photographic inspiration comes from dance, from humans and objects in motion. She attempts to marry her two loves despite their fundamental oppositions, the constant motion of dance and the utter stillness of photography. For her, seeing a photograph with a sense of motion satisfies a desire for something that pleases both aesthetic and cerebral sensibilities.

Marlowe holds a B.F.A in Contemporary dance from York University and a Diploma in Dance Studies from George Brown College, she is currently splitting her time between dance and photography.