Images created for the work ‘Hai18’,   Artistic Director Avinoam Silverman. Dancers - Tara Pillon,Aly McKenzie, Sarahi Cardenas da Silva, Liana Bellissimo
 Re:Current Theatre’s production of  ‘The Smile Off Your Face’  Directed by Brian Postalian, Produced by Ruthie Luff and Brian Postalian.                                                                                 Performed by Benjamin Wardle, Jajube Mandiela, Shira Leuchter and Andrew Pimento; Scenography by Claire Hill
 Performance of  ‘The Pack:Creature’  Choreographed by Mikaela Demers  Performed by Amanda Pye, Annelise Olivia Hawrylak,Isa Estrada, Nickeisha Garrick; Light Wizards- Nicole Adilman,Kiera Shaw; Sound design by Laura Whitmore Dickens
  Fall for Dance North's June 2018 Open Studio in Union Station's West Wing   Kemi Dance Projects, Artistic Director - Jennifer Dallas; Dance Artists - Jasmyn Fyffe, Jessie Garon, Jolyane Langlois,Sahara Morimoto, Ann Trepanier, Meryem Alaoui
 Images captured during a Contemporary Dance class for the organization GMD, directed by Kenny Pearl. Group of dance artists led by dance artist Heidi Strauss.